Take Care Apothics

born from the desire to heal, inspire, educate, and delight


to restore health; to ease or relieve; to release or let go

We all carry around emotional wounds, whether we are conscious of them or not. If neglected + ignored, unhealed emotional wounds present themselves physically over time - what is your dry, dull, irritated skin showing you? How does old emotional wounding impact your present experience of life?

Not taking care of ourselves + neglecting our needs is a wounding many of us carry around subconsciously - we've been told tending to and taking care of our own needs is selfish, we've witnessed those around us neglect themselves and persevere through life by ignoring their needs + desires.

What if we can heal that thought pattern and create a new way of relating to taking care of ourselves: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually?

Take Care Apothics wants to empower + support individual mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing by offering skin + body care products as a means to connect with parts of your inner + spiritual worlds.

Take Care Apothics products are intentionally crafted + created to do just that.


to fill with enlivening or exalting emotion; to stimulate to action; to motivate

When was the last time you felt enlivened + inspired? What motivates you in life? Are you inspired by those that "have the time" to take care of themselves?

News flash - we all have the time, we just don't prioritize ourselves as much as we do other things in life. We take our health + wellness for granted, just seeing how far we can push ourselves before we reach our breaking point.

The truth is, by the time we've reached our breaking point we've gone too far + it takes immensely more time, energy, and work to recover than if we just took care of ourselves along the way.

Take Care Apothics hopes to inspire you to take care of yourself in new intentional ways by creating + offering thoughtfully crafted products that motivate you to take care of yourself.


to provide knowledge or information

We are all hungry for information, but sometimes knowing where to start + searching for the information we're seeking can be overwhelming.

Not knowing how to incorporate ways to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually can leave us ignoring important aspects of our health + wellness which can impact our experience + enjoyment of life.

Product marketing can be misleading, telling you something is "green" and "natural" while containing harmful + less than desirable ingredients.

Take Care Apothics is passionate about providing you the information + education you need to take care of yourselves in a holistic way, focusing on the many different the pillars of + ways to overall health + wellness.


great pleasure, joy, satisfaction

What brings you enjoyment + pleasure among the stressful + busy life you live?

One of the goals of Take Care Apothics is to create + offer products that bring great pleasure, joy, and satisfaction to your life. Products that you connect with, that you enjoy using, and that replenish your skin, soul, mind + spirit!

Take Care Apothics hopes you indulge in the carefully + consciously created product offerings + that they support you on your journey to wellness + taking care.