The Take Care Face Care Ritual

Transform your skincare routine into a mindful take care practice by following these rituals that guide you to connect with yourself + your inner world.

Use Take Care Apothics' Purifying Facial Cleanser daily to gently purify both your skin + mind from contaminants and undesirable elements.

Before you start your face cleansing ritual, close your eyes and take a few deep & slow breaths.

Connect to your physical body - what sensations do you notice? Do you notice tension anywhere in your body or face? (ie. is your jaw clenched, are your shoulders tight & shrugged, etc.)

Continue to connect with your breath. Bring your breath to the areas where you feel tension - what do these areas have to say?

Be free in the movement of your body as you breathe cleansing breath into these areas (ie. rolling your shoulders or neck, moving your spine, shaking your arms or legs, etc.) - if your body desires to move, allow movement + expression.

Once your body & mind feel online + connected, take a couple of still breaths and connect to your inner world.

What is present + true for you in this moment?

What are you feeling? What are you thinking?

Pay attention to the quality + climate of your inner world. What are your thoughts saying & how are they impacting you?

As you begin washing your face, envision all of your undesirable + contaminated thoughts, feelings, & beliefs. Imagine energetically washing them from your face + mind.

As you rinse, repeat the mantra I release and allow all of your unwanted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to be washed away.

Connect with what's left in your body + mind after the purifying ritual.

Follow with Step 2: Refreshing Facial Toner.

Use Take Care Apothics' Refreshing Facial Toner daily to give renewed strength to your face + mind.

After the cleansing process is complete, spritz your face generously with the Refreshing Facial Toner.

As you spritz your face, allow your skin + your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to be refreshed and restored.

Allow the astringent properties of the toner to physically and energetically pull out any lingering impurities, leaving your skin + mind prepped for rejuvenation.

Connect with the sensations in your body - what's left? What are you feeling + where are you feeling it?

Practice a few additional deep breaths here; with every in-breath, breathe in refreshing, renewed energy and with every out-breath, breathe out any + all remaining unwanted feelings, thoughts, or beliefs.

If you are using a cotton pad with the toner, imagine yourself wiping away any lingering impurities and any remaining undesirable thoughts or feelings.

You may also use the Refreshing Facial Toner ritual throughout the day whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Follow with Step 3: Rejuvenating Facial Serum.

Use Take Care Apothics' Rejuvenating Facial Serum daily to revitalize your face + mind.

After completing the cleansing and toning steps, we are now working with a clean slate.

Take a few moments to connect with your desired thoughts, feelings + beliefs. Take a moment to envision yourself embodying those desires - what do you feel about yourself in those desired states?

Take a few moments to focus on those desired thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and radiate the energy of those thoughts into the bottle of serum.

You've just created a powerful energetic potion of liquid gold.

As you take a few pumps of your magic serum, gently massage your face while imagining all those desired thoughts, feelings, and beliefs being energetically massaged into your face + mind.

Follow with Step 4: Nourishing Facial Cream.

Use Take Care Apothics' Nourishing Facial Cream daily to promote nourishment for your face + mind.

After completing the cleansing, toning, and rejuvenating steps, take a few moments to observe yourself in the mirror.

What do you see? Are you viewing yourself with kind + compassionate or critical eyes?

While gently dabbing the Nourishing Facial Cream around your eyes + face, allow your skin, mind, and eyes to be gifted the nourishment necessary for growth + positive health.

Witness yourself with compassion + curiosity. Allow your eyes to see your natural beauty, growth + development rather than observing yourself through a critical lens.

Spend a moment in gratitude + reverence for the time you've just taken to care for your mind + skin in a beautiful and loving way.

Follow with Step 5: Detoxifying Facial Mask.

Use Take Care Apothics' Detoxifying Facial Mask weekly to remove toxins from your face + mind.

What are the persistent toxic, undesirable, or harmful thoughts, feelings, or beliefs you just can't seem to shake?

As you allow 10 - 20 minutes for the mask to dry, imagine not only the physical toxins being extracted from your skin, but also the toxins in the form of negative or limiting beliefs from the mind.

Envision it. Feel it.

Repeat the mantra: I trust all that which no longer serves me will be removed.